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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Greencane Ecopaper toilet paper review (sugarcane-bamboo)

There are no trees involved in the making of this toilet paper (which is important, as some companies even use old growth rainforest - ahem like Cottonsoft, of Asia Products & Paper (APP)...mentioning names).

Greencane Ecopaper is made up of (up to 70%) recycled byproduct of sugarcane processing and bamboo. The back is complete with a picture of the makers hugging trees (Geoff and Helen Arden).

I used it, and couldn't tell the difference. In fact it was really soft. That was good enough for me. 4 rolls were $4-something at the New World supermarket. According to Good magazine (Issue 24), it is $1.23 per roll (as apposed to $0.89 cents per roll for Purex). Other brands of eco toilet paper available in NZ are Safe (Australia, $0.94 cents per roll), and Earthcare (Australia, $0.74 cents per roll).

Further from Good (Issue 24): "Made of: up to 70 percent recycled fibres from crushed sugarcane residues, mixed with timber pulp and then put through a chlorine-free bleaching process. Greencane's plant based material breaks down fast, so it's particularly suited to composting toilets, older plumbing and septic tanks. It's rolls are 30% bigger than the average roll (300 sheets instead of the standard 230 sheets) and are ink and fragrance free. Made in: Asia. Certifications/accreditations: The Greencane factory has ISO14001 environmental quality manufacturing standards."
So, it's really neat - but is more expensive. I like the accreditation of Purex (and price) better, but I do hate the plastic packaging it comes in each time... Greencane's packaging is 100% compostable - which is important to me.

Well whatever you choose - just don't buy Cottonsoft. Article about Cottonsoft's use of old growth rainforest trees in their toilet paper here.

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