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Monday, June 4, 2012

Box fun

I have finally remembered that despite my own personal fine art inclinations - the best activities for kids are the simplest. The simpler the project, the more their imagination takes flight to fill the gap. For example, we used to pretend that these low L-shaped walls with siding on them along our front porch were horses. We had far more fun calling these our horses than we ever could have had with premade horses.

I saw a cardboard box with a door cut out of it at Troy's school, and some windows cut out with plastic panes inserted - and I thought it was brilliant. Not the window panes - just cutting doors and windows out of a box! I did this activity with the kids and they loved it. The house-making turned into making paper fans (inspired from my failed attempts at making them stairs). Then they each put a fan in the back of their pants for a tail, and held a fan in each hand, being "fantails". That was the most magic of all, and it was their idea.

Back in the day: My brother Colin as a robot.

(And behind him - a horse.)

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