Where there is a will there is a way

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Zero waste meat shopping - also the European and oldschool way

Feeling so much better now I am following changes I had made earlier and then weakened from during my tired professional mom phase.

Invested in good glass containers too - so these are reusable and very hardy, also won't get stained by meat blood etc - sterilisable.  The lids are a hardy plastic.  These are called Luminarc Keep N Box, from the Warehouse (NZ).   Smaller ones $8 larger $12.  We keep it simple by using these containers only for meat.  

The wonderful idea is to go to a butchers shop (or meat counter in a grocery store where they use a scale) and refill these reusable containers INSTEAD of throwing out polystyrene meat package every single time we consume meat.  Sams Butchery is happy to tare the scale to zero with containers on and bingo sorted.

Then put into freezer.

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