Where there is a will there is a way

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The knitted bunny - a few knitting projects

A civilised bunny for a good person at my workplace (well, for her daughter).  you can take the clothes off - and put them on.  There is a special t-shirt under there too.  The jeans have pockets (and a tail-hole).  I wanted it to be fine enough for the recipient.

This has been the result of a long process of making and redesigning - the third bunny.

The first bunny was too goofy for the recipient - as I used rainbow wool for the actual bunny (in the final bunny was just used for jumper arms).  I gave this bunny for a super cute awesome girl I met where we bought our Netherland Dwarf bunnies for Troy and Lucan.  Pure spirit able to appreciate the bunny. 

I really liked this one - what happened was, the pattern (by Clare Garland) was a bit tricky - I lost where I was in the pattern - and actually the head was on backwards.  I was able to alter it into something else - cool - a sloth.  He was really a character guy - so I sent it to a little character niece - the very creative Breanna who lives in North Carolina.  I ended up knitting him a little jumper for when he needs that cuteness of ears.  Mistakes can be great!  And all the learning I did along the way - made me able to find the pattern easy in the end (as long as I don't drift off - it is tedious to follow a pattern!) 

Fun with silhouette fabric dyes (often used in Rarotonga)

After helping Phoebe dye her sheet - I experimented with the Silhouette dyes myself - they are a heatset dye that they use in Rarotonga - where the sun is hot (and here). You can place something on the fabric and it will be lighter where the object outine was - as the sun will help the dye take up more.

I placed branches and an outline of a branch was left -(my favourite) - even as the shadow moved along.

I placed leaves and the outline was left. The hands I did also dryb...rush around a hand stencil to make the outline stronger (I used a stencil as a child would not want to hold their hands still for hours) but the top leaf outline in the photo shows the effect of sun alone. Also some material I had scrunched up and left have wrinkle effects.

It was so fun!

The photos show the dyeing process (after this for Phoebe we cut out a P from upholstery fabric to create a P after the sheet was saturated), and the squares are for a quilted toybox cover I am making from the dyed cotton fabric.

Very cool to make hand stencils from your child hands and date it - I did this for Troy, Phoebe and Georgie.