Where there is a will there is a way

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Hey everyone. I have wanted to post a blog for awhile. I have alot that is going to come out, but I am actually going to start it, and add to it as I remember and think of ideas. This blog is philosophical. There are alot of premises out there that are out there, not because we find them true as humans, as ourselves; but illusions from the larger culture.

Like, don't you find it strange that ads bombard us between the shows we like, until one day this strange event seems natural. Don't you think that instead of having messages designed make us feel weak, and to lead us to doing unhealthy things like shopping and spraying our pens with germ killer, we should have messages from people in our society designed to encourage and guide? We all know this. I think all young people feel this way. But what is less easy to understand, and takes a few years, is why our huge and complex society does this, and also how we used to be a long time ago. And how we don't need to be like this now.

How intuition and logic are intertwined in our culture, and in our culture how we have battled with these in "recent times" (last few thousand years), and how our thinking may have gotten unbalanced. From farming, to the massively rapid--in the blinking of an eye rapid--rise of the city way of life we lead today. A world of disconnection, of suspending part of our minds, a deep spiritual part, to become socialized.

But I am not even worried about it. This is because I am not trying to solve it with logic, or rationality (as they like to call this thought-strand). I can feel, and it feels right, as I see things in the world, I can see evidence of our culture experiencing an amazing renaissance. People are starting to awake from the long sleep of a self-induced nature, actually it was the dreams of their fathers and grandfathers.

When we became unbalanced, it has taken some time for balance to restore itself. Specifically, I "posit" that, as I gathered during my university years, there was a time when our culture discovered that the world was not flat. (The time of Copernicus vs. the Church.) Also, the Earth was not in the centre of the universe, but more like a dust mote floating in a vast room. Apparently people felt let down, like their intuitions had failed them. They wanted to not trust their intuitions, since the worldview they had felt, had been a lie. So the scientific method vowed to be a fair, unbiased way to explore the world, and find whatever other secrets could be found-- we would only believe what we could find proof to support. Unfortunately though, this led to a worldview myopic towards only believing that which could be tested in a physical way (they say "empirically").

That led to a non-logical response, but real all the same, of valuing what could be controlled in the physical world.

But our logical and intuitive minds are meant to work in tandem, the one keeping the other in check. There are areas which the logical mind needs to be dominant, and areas which the spiritual awareness needs to guide. Some examples where logical thinking should dominate are areas where conscious thinking is important, like how to do something cleverly in the world; you can't just feel around with intuition for every move, you are meant to use your brain. But for areas such as making ethical decisions, for doing what you are meant to do, there are times you have to trust the subconscious. Some things are actually too complicated, you won't know why logically it was important until later, or we just aren't capable of understanding with our limited animal minds. Such as, I believe that you can feel, at any time, if you listen and are open to the truth (which can be hard to want to know), whether you are going the right direction, or blocking something that would require going the difficult path (in the short term). If you are unhappy, have "cognitive dissonance", you go the wrong way until you break down and start "listening". If you listen, then your intuition will guide you to the best path for you, in the long run. If you're not strong, then it will guide you to a path where you will gather strength. This is because we are all connected in a spiritual, non-empirically testable way.

Does it feel right? You will know the answer. Is this really what I want to do? Have the courage to try asking yourself right now.

Anyways, why bother writing all this? Because it is clear to me that our world is very blind to its own true behaviours, and we need to turn on the floodlights on our own selves, on our cities, and our futures. Is this really where we want to go? Do we feel good about where we have gone? About our cities? All the concrete, and the strangely rushing cars? A world where we don't usually bond or talk to our neighbours, where that need to help each other, or be a part of each other's business that we have always had, is not there. Mostly, where we are being wasteful, and polluting etc etc. Like an earth with a failing kidney-- we can't clear the wastes, and there is no available dialysis. Life wasn't meant to be as "easy" or destructive. That is not how it has grown to its marvellous state of today (that wants to keep growing).

There are so many little points one could cut, like about how men take claim of ideas and inventions, that are all just natural processes. How odd. This is the thinking of an intuitive-strong mind (me, these comments). How people were never meant to be self-contained geniuses, or individuals. We aren't complete at all. We are meant to communicate with each other, and think as a group. Each of us have fragmentary consciousnesses and talents. I can think everyone in the world who doesn't understand what I understand is an idiot, and they will enjoy thinking the same of me-- it's a growing process to understand we really are all different, and are meant to help each other. It's the only way that humans succeeded.

From the caves of prehistoric times, when we "had nothing", but our schemes around campfire, strategically planning our hunting battles to gain control over the animals, to a time where we feel we are gods because we have consumed everything. We feel we are like birds, in airplanes that storm the sky. But the intuitive, gentle mind notices how rudely the jet-plane forces its way through the sky, having to use so much power to do it. (Perhaps not the light, less-wasteful planes.)

We need to balance ourselves now, and the revolution has already begun. It is so exciting! I see so many signs-- one is on TV, various formats of shows from news to fiction to reality shows--where I can see our society trying to understand spiritual mediums, and spiritual matters. We are trying to take this back into our understanding again. I see many people trying to make a change, and contributing to the world in a very exciting way.

Everyone will have a strength. I hope you find that strength, and use it. Because another thing I know, as an intuitive-strong person is that it's going to be close. The environment is the most important issue, will rise as the most important issue (well, it already has), but for every person. We are going to be going back and finding that amazing strength that we have as humans. We are going to start caring about who has survival skills for long--term--survival. As in for future generations.

Thanks, these are my theories.

Nonavee Dale
New Zealand