Where there is a will there is a way

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Strong and Gentle Hammer

A few nights ago I had a dream which was strange and memorable.

I dreamed I was teaching a baby to swim, which was putting my attention and care to the test.  There seemed to be a class I was doing this with at a pool.  But sometimes my impulsiveness was revealed as a problem that I rushed to compensate for, as I allowed the baby to plummet but would have to focus on bringing him up in time.

The next part of my dream I was being flown over the landscape of my experience - the Canadian mountain hillsides.  Then I was brought higher and higher across the mountains until I was so high up it was absolutely terrifying as I was being held as if by a helicopter and flown across as though just held by my shoulders and could've dropped at any time.  I went far far to another country.

I remember being then in the past.  I was in a university library.      There was art and shelves of books.  Then I got a thrill as I saw the current publications - 1950s magazines sitting out on a small table - in a great reading room - were if the older age.  Of earlier printing methods but I was getting to see them at the time!

Around the 1950s - 60s.  Then I remember the people there bring very clever and experimenting.  They were also very wild.  Barefoot and making all kinds of art, doing what they liked.   I was looking and admiring them, but particularly this hammer.  The top was strong just like a hammer.  But the handle had been carved so ornately and beautifully.  It was now soft, bending like a fabric.  Soft and hard.

But just then some people asked them to be gathered to be recognised for their genius.  They gathered in the building in rows of seats.   But it was a trick by the people who thought they should be put in their place.  Gas started to come into the building.  It was to kill them all.

But some were clever and fought their way out of the situation by climbing up to glass windows in the ceiling and out.   Some escaped but some died.

The ones who lived continued on their ways but were more restrained and humbled by the experience.  I forgot to say that when the people came in to gas them they first shot at books on the edges of the library's book shelves.  And the cats also went to the sides of the book shelves.  Cats had had a special place there.

Then I was speaking to a person in my dream, telling them where I was from, how the weather was in Canada and how it was in NZ.  It was as though the dream person wanted to know various reasons for my choices but not to judge me but to download.   I said Calgary was fresh and cold.  But how'd special NZ was.  The person was telling me about where they were from.  I told them I realised I had such a North American centric view as I often didn't think of the rest of the works.

She told me they were from where Neanderthaals lived - by Greece.   I looked it up and Greece is by where Neanderthaals ranged - but I hadn't known that.