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Saturday, October 14, 2017

A few projects I haven't shared - 2016

There are quite a few knitting projects I haven't posted.   Some labours that helped keep me sane, on the train - commuting to and from work long hours in the city.

Pink dolphins, rainbow horses...  for various rainbow people I know.

I will be knitting at a less rapid rate now - for a good reason.  Not needed as much - so that is good.  I am doing what I am meant to do now - again.

Have a few precious patterns to share at some point as well - designs.

Rainbow horse - for Sariah (Canada)

This too quite a few iterations before I got the design right.  I remember walking through the train station with trailing rainbow wool...listening to podcasts from my brother.

My sister-in-law termed this an "alicorn", as in all.  She has both wings and a horn - made from a shell found on a NZ beach.

Blue dog and blue hat for Elizabeth and Emma (Canada)

Made out of same stretchy blue yarn as the dog, knitted the toque first (to be warm and comfy). So the blue dog that came later matched.

Rainbow dolphin for Mel (NZ)

Interesting - the thing about dolphins.

Love the shape - the first dolphins I knitted were small ones for my daughter.  Then larger ones for her and her friend (orcas, they are actually dolphins).  Then for the first time I used a beautiful rainbow wool for a special person at work named Mel.

Pink dolphin for Phoebe (NZ)

Then the dolphin rampage began.  I was creaing making the perfect pink dolphin for a lovely friend I worked with's daughter.  Still knitting the dolphin from the tail up.  I wanted a really bright pink.  I gave this lovely pink dolphin to my little longtime pal Phoebe.

Fluoro pink dolphin for Charlotte (Christchurch, NZ)

I knitted the dolphin a huge circle of water as well, the first time I graphed out a circle.  I was covered in the huge circle blanket on the bus!  The first photo is taken at a coffee shop with Shane.  We are feeling strain from me always being absent at work at this time.

Purple dophin for Hannah (South Africa)

For Shane's close friend's daughter Hannah, a few special girl.

Night Star dolphin for Hanool (NZ)

The final iteration I made of a dolphin was for a close colleague's newly born son, Hanool.  This was a design I really worked on, and realised how much better it was to knit it from the nose, and ending at the tail.  The shaping is easier - and the tail could be made more realistically at it is a wide shape with delicate swerves, not a double leaf sort of shape.  The fins are made by leaving large buttonholes (knitting back and forth to create a gap), later I pick up stitches and knit the fin.  I recorded my design as I created it.  Interestingly, I can often feel intuitively some things about a person when I make them something as I am connecting my energy to theirs.  I felt this child would be full of laughter.

The Story Teepee (Christmas 2016)

Then in a moment where I helped my recovery from burnout by creating a "story teepee" intended for storytelling to children, storming around neighbourhood cutting down bamboo poles (although I did not feel well).  Attaching together a huge semicircle in an empty community hall.   Borrowing a sewing machine to sew a teepee (a gift from a friend).  Figuring out the crazy shenanigan of making the calculated top fit.  Dyeing it with the kids,  some of their friends, Shane.  It did get used for a coupleof stories, but mostly was a necessary act - rather than a useful teepee to be used in future.

Note:  In the end as it got smaller I realised it's far easier to throw over and sew cloth onto the poles - like the First Nations people in Canada did with their skins...  And was a bit too tender a matter to talk about until now.