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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Seal and ocean jumper for Arwyn

Project of love - for a little ocean - forest girl in Canada.

I have been working on this little jumper (sweater) for awhile - jumpers take wayyy longer than toys. And I do find freestyling easier than following patterns.
Many stages I had to reknit a few times until I got it right. After hood and arm tops I had enough of any future direction and just knit straight down, blending towards green from blue.
Ocean to forest. For a 4 year old (so very oversize for the baby I knitted it for but she looks chunky so will grow into it soon!)
For Lena McCuaig's baby Arwyn in Canada. Her people are nature artistic people so thought they would appreciate the meaning though colour-work got a bit stiff!
So Earth hoodie.