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Saturday, May 18, 2013

DAS clay

My elasmosaurus

Various creations

Troy Dale (7)

 Savannah Dale (18)

  Georgie MacDonald (7)



Even little kids can paint a shape from a mold (this is from a dragonfly cookie mould that Luke (5) pushed the clay into himself, and later painted by himself).

Phoebe Gibbins (5)

Terracotta coloured air drying clay.  We really enjoyed working with it - had a really good session.

It tends to dry out quickly when working with it – so have a bowl of water handy. (And toothpicks - and beads for eyes.) Very fragile until totally dry. Other than that, a very low-fuss clay for working with kids (and working with yourself.)

Paint with a high quality white primer first if you want your colours on the surface to be bright (I always steal a teaspoon of my husband’s expensive house renovation stuff.)

I also like how warm the terracotta clay looks, unpainted.  It reminds me of Etruscan art - they often used brown clay - full of warmth and life - compared to other cultures.  Even their art for burial focusses on life, not death.