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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Fall by Red Hunter, album Alien Sun

Listen to this. The Fall by Red Hunter, album Alien Sun.

A million tents and trailers will cover the open desert your kids will learn again how to build a fire where to look for water and the families are bound together now by the fall of all the great cities finally to sing out their stories and the histories of hunger and a victories back into the old gypsy circles where the swaying girls will play out the old rituals the boys will be delirious the desperate and serious the chasing will be furious. The drums and the rain will come out and the cities are all lost but the circle is found that'll tie us together... ooh my kind of town.

Who were you before the fall I was a singer I saw the future laid out in dominoes now I hunt the buffaloes and my darling who are you behind the counter with the day memorized and those cold vacant eyes well you swore you were free, swore you could see him coming it was Old Angel Midnight staring you down, he's stealing the water right out of the ground, and the newses are true but the views are unsound, the market is dead and the phone lines are down, but it ties us together, ooh my kind of town.

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NOLIMITE! said...

I had this album. I bought it at a coffee shop that no longer exists in Austin Texas. I was delivering pizzas back then and all of my CDs were stolen. This is the most impossible thing to find and replace!