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Monday, April 25, 2011

Tibetan Children's Colouring Book II

We just had a really magical time colouring in these amazing drawings on the computer with the children (Troy and Luke). Being the artistic type, I always have to exercise self-control to prioritize their learning, remembering that the entire point of doing it is for Troy to do it herself. Troy is really good on the computer now, and had a really good time. She was extremely proud of herself. Luke was very exact and precise in using the mouse, controlled over what was happening, but as far as choosing what to colour was a crazyman. I had to control his choices. He wore out quickly - especially because the head of the creature he chose was a ridiculously more complex than his level. He filled in the shell and tailpiece though. Then, since he wore out, I actually went crazy on the rest of his "Harmony Snail". Troy's drawing was a Harmony Fish Otter, according to the label.

Children really help you relax and do things. I got a good vibe for future projects from this one.

By the way, I got this amazing colouring book from a website called Eternal Creation, which sells Tibetan children and babies fashion mainly. They are in Dharamsala, the refuge town in India for many Tibetan people (including the Dalai Lama).

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