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Monday, April 25, 2011

Binn Inn - from an idea to reality

I love Binn Inn. I first found it a few years ago, when I had very little money and a new family. I was slowly researching and figuring. I was a pretty poor mom with a motley collection of washed out containers and a new idea. (This was the same time I made a clipboard sign-in sheet for our rubbish bin.) Although I did come in a few times, I lived too far away from a Binn Inn to make it a regular viable shopping location. I did however buy some various amazing grains and seeds that I peppered my family's food with.

But now that I have a household that I can run with a plan, as we are living more the country lifestyle out here, and near a few wholesale suppliers such as Binn Inn, I am really excited to go nearer to zero waste, refilling containers instead of buying new each time. Those aisles of huge containers of molasses, olive oil, liquid soap, shampoo, bins of baking soda, dishwasher powder, pet food, flour, beans, peas, linseed and quinoa, beckon to me. Everything you need, and nothing that you don't want. (Like a pile of plastic pollution.)

I am going to make a big list of anything that we already buy that we can get instead at Binn Inn, or My Bread Mix supplier, both in town nearby. Pasta, soup mix, yeast, moroccan spice, sugar, rye flour, what else does one need? Neat containers that are sturdy, and well organized in the pantry. Iron will to take over the shopping, as certain other partners are a bit more casual about zero waste, although supportive (and more "socially normal" too).

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