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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I did it - I took my own containers to the supermarket

Mince (ground beef), chicken pieces, lunchmeat straight from the counter

I had SUCH an exciting experience about a month ago. It was the first time I implemented my plan. I had been buying good quality reusable containers, yes plastic - but durable. Then I brought them all to the supermarket and got my meat put straight into them at the deli counter, walking gleefully past the entire wall of meat cuts packaged in styrofoam and plastic wrap.

It was cool because it worked, they just shrugged slapped their sticker on the container - and I avoided the plastic waste and guilt like you avoid a middleman. It was also a great experience because they were alot more supportive than I had expected.

By now I am accustomed to people finding deviation in the normal pattern of things to be, well, insane, so I shyly said that I didn't mind if they had to include the weight of the container if they would just please use it, as strange as it was. Each person who helped me that day opened up to me as their individual selves, confiding to me that they thought it was a great idea.

Recently, when I again brought the containers for meats and also lunchmeat, my husband surprised me by commenting to the checkout lady supportively, "it's just a clever way to avoid the plastic bags".

You've got to try it! No guilt, and no middleman.

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