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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Primal wool knitted hat and scarf - made by interspersing fur effect wool with real wool

When you knit a hat, you can mix a type of synthetic wool called Primal wool (fur effect wool) with regular real wool, and it makes this lovely effect. On its own, the Primal wool when you knit it makes a surface like a soft, plush teddy bear. For Phoebe's hat I actually just added lengths of it until they ran out, knitted a few rows without, and added again.

The idea came because I was short of the pink wool - my friend had made the scarf for her daughter, and I was making the hat out of a limited amount of wool that I was given by another friend. But I ran out of wool and had to completely unravel what I had done. As it was hard to unravel, I had to cut it up - thus the lengths. Then I came up with this idea which is so fun, and better than just the Primal wool alone.

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