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Friday, December 27, 2013

How to make a good old-fashioned slingshot

Cool idea from my father.

"This is the way we used to make slingshots as kids."

How did you make this slingshot today, Dad?

"That stick was a forked branch from a plum tree. I peeled the bark off it. Notice that I notched the top of the forked branches. Notice that I cut a pouch out of leather. I used a strip of inner tube rubber, I stretched it around the notches and wound cotton around to fasten the edges. Lucan stretched the rubber into the holes in the leather, and I used cotton string to tie it."


Ruby in the Dust said...

Awesome, just the way my dad makes his! go Lucan :) Have a fantastic time with your amazing family, Nonnie!

Nico said...

I love this blog post and I am happy to see some folks are still using car inner tubes to make slingshots like in the days past.

I have my own slingshot blog, may I share this link when I write my own post on hunting with inner tube band slingshots?