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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Honey toffee in moulds shaped like animals and flowers and tikis

I started experimenting with making caramel and hard toffee candy after my son Luke asked me how candy is made. Of course the kids all loved it, but I felt bad about how much sugar they were eating. 

I had read a great article on how much better for you honey is than sugar - it is a far more complex food. I did a search. Did you know you can make candy using only honey and butter? (Usually it's made with sugar.) A French recipe makes honey butter candy by boiling equal parts of both to 150 degrees C / 300 F (upper limit of hard crack stage).  Then nuts and dried fruits are added.  

So you can make pure honey candy, which is the healthiest.  For the candies above, I used some sugar.

Mix and boil 

230 g butter
500 g honey
1 cup sugar

Boil candy to 135 C / 275 F.  (You need to use a candy thermometer.)

It turned out great, but a little too much sugar - a few pieces and my blood was racing. I actually wished I had just used honey alone as the French recipe said.

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