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Friday, April 13, 2018

Sihouette dyes - fabric method - so fun and creative (and stores a sunny day in an interesting way!)

Posting this activity I did after I first left my full-time city job - on a hot summer morning in 2017 (February).  I posted it on my fb page, but not on my  (public) blog.  I really want to share this for the record?

Last year I tried Silhouette dyes from CCG Industries (we had been in the shop to get materials for our  terracotta style firepit).  The man in the shop told me they use it in Rarotonga - they lay out fabric in the hot sun, and place stencils on the fabric, which leave silhouettes; "sun masks".

I had to try it.  Then I realised I could place even leaves on the fabric and it would leave outlines of the leaves.

I shared this activity with children, but they were more involved in the dye process in general than the sun masking.

Finally shared it with the right folks, an group of adult creative women (Sharron Erbacher's local quilting group).  They had fun, I had fun.  They will be able to harness this method's full potential!

A butterfly landed on the fabric while sun was processing it. 
Now if he had stayed, he too would have left a silhouette.

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