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Thursday, April 5, 2018

2018 - Chi the turtle, NZ fantail, Plasmo the elasmosaurus, Starry Sky Dolphin, and Amulet bags

Chi the turtle - next generation from Isadora

Created for a lovely teacher friend who works very hard, helping children who need that boost in life.  Her young daughter renamed it Myrtle and sleeps with it every night.

Piwakawaka (NZ fantail) - for Kohanga friends

Recorded the pattern exactly - like everything else - a work in progress!  Created for a Kohanga friend.  

Plasmo for Lucan. 

He is an Elasmosaurus (water dinosaur) which really once lived on Earth as nearly complete skeletons have been found. I like this dinosaur because it was the perfect size that in an imaginary world a child could have it for a friend and ride on its back. Elasmo was a kind of plesiosaurus with a super long neck for catching fish.  Made with lots of love. 


Starry Sky - for a newborn (and named by a 2 year old)

For a baby of Shane's work friend.  

See the smile?

Knitted crystal amulet bags - to wear round necks

Because crystal's don't like metal wire around them!  To hold the vibration near, when life becomes dear...

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