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Monday, September 7, 2015

Zebras with wings (and unicorn pegasuses)

On holiday, I got to make unicorn toys for my daughter, and for a niece I had promised one to, long ago.  I took with me a pattern, but then modified it until I liked the face better.  You can see the first shape in the first zebra (black hair smaller one, Eve) - my modifications in the second (white hair larger, Troy named her Ash).

Later I made wings for the unicorn - and stuffed them, and sewed through the wings so it had a quilted effect.  Troy loved them and begged me for wings for her zebras.

I will post the pattern I made sometime soon!  Kids love unicorns.

I also made her some zebra pants to match her toys.  I love holidays...

The white mane is a knitted piece that uses eyelash wool which is then stitched into the seam - so basically like a plush toy fur texture in a strip.  The horn on the unicorn Pegasus was a piece of leather rolled into a cone.  But I also make them using ram shell horns.

I said no to Troy about giving her zebras horns.

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