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Monday, September 7, 2015

Knitting a stegosaurus for James


First knitted Stegasaurus - from the patterns by Clare Garland, "Knit and Purl Pets" (she lives in England), for my mate from work's little boy, James.

I love the plates design - these are brilliant. They are so thick (made up from two sets of two plates which force a disc shape through the thickness) and after I finally figured it out, am going to use it to make dragons. However I am not a fan of the way she does the legs. I prefer my freestyle - leave a button hole, reinsert needles and knit on in the round. I never know what it will look like - and this stegasaurus's legs are not the same length!

Next ones (I have promised 2 more, for friends' children) I will use her plates and my feet - and perhaps make a dragon, combining the Loch Ness plesiosaur shape and the scales?

For the sticky out bits on the tail - I learned how to do a picot stitch, basically a chain.  Which I then used to knit a flower (stamens) for a family friend's daughter's hair.

For the scales I had to yarn over needle, and to practice a few times before I knew where I was going with the pattern.

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