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Saturday, March 15, 2014

The precious shell dream

I had a dream recently where I was travelling.  In the dream the place I arrived at was called “Rome”.

I was amazed at the clear pure streams which ran by, which were filled with beautiful shells.  There was so much beauty and richness of detail in the shells in the clear running streams. 

Also, it was as though to these people we were “American tourists”, compared to them – they would see us as wasteful people. 

We found a beautiful rock pool by the sea, in a bank of stone.  One shell was so beautiful.  I marvelled at it.  It looked like it had been formed with a soft ice-cream cone maker, its colours were so white and pink as the shape spiralled up.  In the dream I started to cry as  I knew what the beauty and the richness of this shell meant.   It was of the beauty that was possible, if nature wasn’t being made as poor as it was at home. 

There was also some beautiful pieces of driftwood in the pool, which we wanted to collect to burn – but that made the people there outraged as it was illegal.

The rock pool actually adjoined a childcare centre – we skipped over a wall.  It was strange, I could see their chairs and toys inside – not one part of anything in this place was made out of wood.  They had “wood blocks” but they were all of a plastic material – the chairs, everything, which looked really odd to me.

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