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Monday, February 24, 2014

Idea of replacing lost knives, forks and spoons with interesting used cutlery from a second-hand shop

Really really really glad I decided to let go of my perfectionism about having matching cutlery, and took advantage of the good quality cutlery you can find in op shops (second-hand charity shops). Unless you are willing to spend alot of money, things are made much more cheaply nowadays. Instead of waiting to buy a really expensive set of really good cutlery, I got as many as I wanted for under $5 - and honestly, the kids love the unique knives. They were already fighting for a unique spoon and fork we had gotten from somewhere - now they have alot more interesting knives and forks and spoons to choose from.

Another awesome thing to find at an op shops for children (or me) is books. I used to have a Holly Hobby paper doll when I was little. And this monsters book is really creative, full of drawings and ideas for kids to read. My little girl found a soft toy pig (Wilbur), and my boy found some cool toys too. Far better to find things that don't require more plastic and junk to be made.

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