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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pumpkin patch

When we bought our house, Shane and I had been longing for land to use as we wished.  We basically fought for territory - Shane got the front yard, and I got the back - so we could both experiment at our will.

But somehow, I couldn't figure out where to put my pumpkin plants - as they tend to get tangled with everything else.  I cleared them some space in an area that used to be choked with weedy, ugly groundcover - in the front yard....  Now look at  them go!  Creeping into the non-veggie garden space - with lots of space for them to grow unhindered.  (Shane said he doesn't mind though.)

I am guiding the growing branches to the concrete area above, and to the space along the bushes below.

Aren't the baby butternut pumpkins cute!

I planted butternut pumpkin plants sown from seeds saved from one I had bought to eat from the grocery store.  I could also have squashes and crown pumpkins as I transplanted random seedlings from the compost as well.
 Earlier Stage - the same 5 pumpkin seedlings a few months ago (in December):

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