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Saturday, February 9, 2013

How to compost the contents of your vacuum cleaner easily

Awhile ago I posted about digging all the insides of my vacuum cleaner bag out with gloved fingers into the compost.  Man is it easier with a bagless vacuum!  Our vacuum cleaner died, so I insisted on a bagless one for this reason (wanting to compost all the dust to cut down on waste going to landfill).

How do you compost the contents of your vacuum cleaner easily?  Buy a bagless vacuum.  Now this is realistic for anyone to do easily. 

Just try not to vacuum up anything plastic!

Photo courtesy of Lucan Dale, 5 (bribed with chocolate).


Unknown said...

What I love about a bagless vacuum is that it is always ready to do the work. You just empty the dust cup, reattach it, and it's good to go. However, people with allergies wouldn't enjoy it much. It will be hard for them to breath while emptying the dust cup. So, might as well put on some face mask before doing it. Thank you for sharing this information. I look forward to reading more cleaning tips from you.

Deidra Schaefer

Maisie Hood @ JBW Technologies said...

A bagless vacuum does make several tasks easier. I actually have a central vacuum with a similar collection cylinder. However, I don't make compost, so it goes from storage to trash without being subjected to the collected dust and debris.

Lyda Tavorn @ CleanCarpetChicago.com said...

That is actually a great idea! Since most of the things my vacuum catches are dust and dog hairs, I think it would make a good mix for a compost, maybe an alternative to loam if you don’t particularly have a big area for a garden.


Dyson DC41 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner said...

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