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Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Mini Farming Guide to Fermenting by Brett L. Markham

This book is punk.  "The Mini Farming Guide to Fermenting.  Self-sufficiency from beer and  cheese to wine and vinegar.  WINE - CHEESE - BEER - VINEGAR - BREAD"

Winemaking, beer brewing, how to make vinegar - and even has no-knead artisan bread in it! (my Dad showed me this method, it's punk too).

I always need more than a recipe - this explains how it works, so you can experiment at your own whim - and know what it is that you're doing.  He has a chemistry background, but just keeps you on a "need to know basis".

Requested this book at my local library - and of course I tried to scan in all sorts of bits before realizing it's cheap as chips as a Kindle edition - right now I want a copy of the bread, and wine sections - but all sections in time.  (Like vinegar making!)  Right now my plums are growing on the trees, and I want to be ready for them properly this year.  But the bread section is also brilliant.  Simple to understand, very well put together.  This is a great book.

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