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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kayden's Imagination Station - Felt Cut-out Story Game

A friend of mine's son just broke his arm, and had to stay as still as possible for a week while the bone set and the swelling went down.

After school Troy and I sat down and cut out a felt game for him - but she got to colour and influence the proceedings as well.

It is a great, low cost idea for kids without broken arms too. Thise simple toy/game idea is better for kids than fully completed plastic toys. Actually, the simpler the forms, the better for developing kids' imaginations.

The kids can mix the parts - put wings on cars, or horses - whatever you happen to cut out.

If you don't find drawing by sight easy you can do what my mother did - who wasn't an artist. She traced. She is where I got this idea from - I loved it when she did it for me growing up as a kid.

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