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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Baby Lizards (Skinks) Have Hatched!

Troy holds a lizard in a teaspoon.

Troy (6) holding the newly hatched baby skink.

A new hatchling leaves crumpled egg behind.

These skinks are prolific in our garden (luckily). I found many little lizard eggs when we did a huge weeding/landscaping of the front garden. I let Troy put some in dirt in a box with airholes to keep in her room. (I had found eggs in dirt in my garden.) I hoped they would be at the right temperature that way - but didn't really believe that they would ever hatch!

After about a month, Troy told me that a few had hatched the night before (February 14) while Shane I had been out on a date. The next day she showed me and I was so surprised to see the tiny quickly moving thing in the box. But Troy was very matter-of-fact about it - she had never doubted that they would hatch!

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