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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ideal Cup - like KeepCup but made in New Zealand

I was looking for a coffee cup that didn't suck.

I was willing to use large, awkward and embarrassing reusable coffee cups in public at every turn - but I needed to find something my husband was actually willing to use. Something with style! But, most importantly - enjoyable to drink from.

I had heard of KeepCup, and I loved the idea. For a Christmas present, I found and ordered from Ideal Cup.

You can choose your colours for the lid, the inside, the outside and so on, like KeepCup, but it's actually made here in New Zealand!

Both are "barista grade" (they look just like the takeaway cups you get, and so also fit under espresso machines). The removable top lid insert swivels with a small plug that can cork up the drinking hole if you don't want it to spill out for a moment, or swivel out of the way.

Ideal Cup costs $15 ordered online, or you can buy them wholesale and get your coffee shop's logo printed on it and sell them (Sierra Coffee at the Albany Pak'NSave had them with their logo on it for sale for $14 - and also proudly told me they were made in NZ. I was impressed.)

Shane - my husband - actually drinks from one. Now that's high praise.

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