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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ginger Pye Reusable Sandwich Wraps - Lunch with Style

My friend Carol bought a few of these for her kids. Then I thought I would be clever and go to Spotlight and buy the plastic to make my own. I couldn't find the right food-safe plastic though! I bought some toxic table plastic covering in desperation but have given up on the idea since then. Why make them when someone has dedicated themselves to a small, local (NZ) business of figuring it out, and they are made with great craftsmanship?

I was thinking of getting the 4MyEarth ones that I saw advertised in Good magazine - but these aren't that much more if you buy 3 - even with postage considered (Ginger Pye per wrap -$16.35 NZ , 4MyEarth $16 NZ) and they are definitely far cooler. Meaning they are colourful, well made, and you can choose from various prints. There is velcro to close the wrap - 1 side is food-safe plastic, and the other is a cotton print. You wipe the plastic off to clean them usually - but can wash them as well (by hand - even just throw them in along with your dishes and set to dry).

Coolness matters - you don't want to "go eco" and end up sending your kids to school always with crappy lunches with sandwiches wrapped up in tin foil like I've been doing (at least it wasn't plastic) - and all kinds of messy inferior shenanigans. If you are on a plastic diet like I am, and you're being "different", it is really important to do it well and with style as you are showing an example to others. Then you are showing a truly better way, not just a skimping way.

Enter, Ginger Pye lunch wraps! I got Luke (soon to be 5) a dinosaur wrap, Troy (soon to be 7) a farmland one, Savannah (soon to be 18) a black stars wrap - and Shane 3 plain blue denim ones (professional at work).

They're beautiful and functional. Shane said it best when he saw Savannah's smart-looking lunch set on the benchtop. He made gestures as if to wrap a sandwich over and over again. "I can't believe how we get stuck in our ways. Cling wrap - cling wrap - cling wrap..."

Now, the sandwiches are sorted - but what should I use now to contain the wrapped sandwich and fruit?



Ginger Pye said...

Thanks so much for your lovely review, Nonnie! Selling via the internet can be a strange experience as you don't always know what customers think about your product/service, so we really appreciate any feedback when we get it - especially this kind :-) Happy lunching!

Nonavee Dale said...

one added advantage is that my sandwiches tasted so fresh after using the bag.

Not sure if that was the bag or the nice lunch from my wife but it works either way.

Nonavee Dale said...

Oh cute! That was my hubbie. Thanks Shane!