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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gypsy Fair at Orewa (North of Auckland, New Zealand)

These guys travel 8 months of the year, selling things they have made via the real world only (not online). The Roamin' Snail was my favourite. I wish I could represent to you that moment when I saw them drive by an intersection where I was soon to turn. I managed to catch up and follow them as they swung into Orewa. Actually - to see that house driving ahead of me through the uniform world around them, cars all the same, houses all the same - then there was this great big truck with windows and edges all carved out of wood, cheerful gold dots decorating along the fretwork of the peaked roof ahead of me. They were a story - a magic thing that suddenly appeared, and then the ordinary world was changed while they were in it.

I was overtaken by emotion after following them through Orewa town - after they pulled in to the lot that was going to become a fair, I pulled over and laid my head down on my dashboard for a moment.

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