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Monday, July 17, 2017

A few projects this year

Sock Monkey for Brooklyn - posted June 19 on my FB page "Nonnie's Cool Ideas"

Such a sweet, artistic girl - Brooklyn - oldest of 4 soon to be 5 (one of the students in the class I am a teacher aide). Nervous to move away to Chch. Made her a travelling companion.  I also made the monkey a really cute print backpack with a rose ornament attached to zipper as a pull (Troy designed it with me).

Purple Bird (small knitted) for Montana - May 1

For Montana - for coming a long way with learning (and because she's a little monkey).  A very cute and precocious little girl at the school I work at.  Also learning how to make small toys - with smaller needles - like the fantail and other native animal finger puppets you can buy at the Auckland Zoo.

Cosy Purple Scarf with Blue Pockets for Chantal - May 1

Chantal - for being kind to Cory and helping him make friends.  (First friend and social inroad for autistic boy I work with, he has awkward social skills but Chantal responded with love.)  Now Cory has many friends.

Seal (prey item) for Troy's Orca - April 15

Finally got round to making tiny seals for Troy's Orca to eat.  First attempt at teeny animals.  Learned to use smaller needles!

Dreamcatcher for Mikayla - March 14

Mikayla is studying marine biology in Vancouver, Canada (my friend's daughter).

Metal web (real spiderweb pattern), leather strips holding a glass orb with knitted leaves holding it.

The web holds the Earth...precious life in balance

Purple Dolphin Friend for Troy's Blue Dolphin - February 9

I asked Troy if she wanted me to knit her a cool little bag for her device with this wool she had chosen (they take them to school) to give her good energy as she is starting Intermediate at a new school (Grade 7!).
She said No I don't need one, but could you make my little blue dolphin a friend? She had the little dolphin toy in her bag. I made it in one evening -
Then I realised the advantages of making tiny toys - I can make more little friends for kids more quickly.
Then I made her dolphin named Galaxy a little bag out of a cloth sample (they are real easy to lose too!)
Then I tried to make a tiny seal for the firsg time as prey for her Orca toy I had made awhile ago (killer whale, has an opwn mouth and red lining bag inside so it can eat.).
But that my first go turned decidedly turtle like...
Sorry Troy channelling someone else...

I gave the turtle to Mikayla - with her dreamcatcher.

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