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Friday, January 17, 2014

Unipegasus for Phoebe

Unipegasus - inspired by a girl who really wanted me to make her a unicorn. 

I used a pattern from a craft book - which I looked at and scaled up by eye as I drew it on a larger piece of paper.  Then of course, I had to make a few adjustments when I was sewing it together on the sewing machine.  I added the hair in advance - laying it along the seams before sewing up those seams, as I knew that would turn out well.  I used hand dyed and spun wool that I had bought at a craft market.

I stuffed the unicorn with soft unspun soft real wool that I had around to use for felting.  Then I added a mouth and red felt tongue. 

The horn was made by sewing a case around a shell shaped like a unicorn horn - then sewing that to the forehead.  I used fancy metallic fabric for that ( mine was stretchy, but then sometimes a bit sags above the horn - non-stretchy would actually be better.)

I had sewed the top of the nose on the wrong way up (part 1), but after tailoring to fix it, and adding the mouth and tongue to suit the 'corn, the end product was a bit goofy and cute - but so is the recipient. So all good.

 This is the pattern I used - from a New Zealand women's weekly pattern from 1971 (but republished recently in a craft book), contributed by Helen Crompton, Waiheke Island, New Zealand (Waiheke is close to Auckland. a ferry ride away).

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