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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Earthship Down

In 2005 a huge tsunami wiped out most of the population on Nicobar, Andaman Islands. Michael Reynolds and his crew went to help build housing after an urgent plea for help, as the needs of shelter, sanitation, clean water, were great. Earthship building, developed for people to be more self-sufficient for hard times in the future, was perfectly suited for these kinds of conditions.

This beautiful house is made from recycled materials - with earth rammed tires in a circle as the basis, then formed with bottles, concrete and earth.  It's a very independent little home as it collects rainwater from the roof, has self-contained sewage, and the biomass of the earth and tires regulate temperature.  This is a good idea at any time, but was especially useful for the urgent situation on the island after the tsunami of no utilities.

See above for a documentary about Michael Reynolds and creative and visionary architectural style - Garbage Warrior: Turning trash into treasure, a film by Oliver Hodge. 


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