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Sunday, September 23, 2012

RCN e-waste - electronic recycling in Albany

There are many companies recycling e-waste now.  I just had the coolest experience a month or so ago.

I ruined our computer monitor by spraying too much water on it when I was cleaning it, and we also had an old computer to recycle, and a broken heater.  I looked up a local e-waste recycler that had been doing some advertising at my kids' school - RCN e-cycleThere were others, but I chose a larger more mainstream one that was actually close to us, to add my little activity to the larger stream, if that makes sense, to support this future way of doing things to the best of my ability.  

They took the computer and computer monitor for free, and charged a minimal charge for the heater - and after taking them apart, will recycle every last bit they can down to the wires (or reuse).  Right on.  The relief I felt at getting rid of that stuff properly was palpable, lending to a spring in my step (oh yes).

Wherever you are, look it up - I sure you'll find an electronic waste recycler near you.


waste disposal mo said...

Its lucky to have this e-waste recycling centers. No need to go to far flung areas to surrender your old TVs, microwave ovens and phones.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing..