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Saturday, May 5, 2012

The world conference on melting polar ice caps dream

Last night I dreamed of seeing a place broadcast from the internet – it was – the polar ice caps. The ice caps were melting. There was an area, an outdoor ampitheatre, open with walls, and many seats inside. This is what was on the broadcast – with a label above the entrance that it was the polar ice cap region.

It was an international zone, people from all over the world were coming to see. Then, in my dream, I had arrived there and was looking around. I actually carried a bike with me, but not at first. First I saw the place, and there was a beautiful cliff I was making my way down, holding on the the grass at the sides, to get there. When I was there, I remember when I walked through the seats, the conference area full of seats, the area was filling with water. The water had risen up to the seat level.

Then I walked along a path people were walking. There was a beautiful tree, it was a beautiful area. I left my bike behind (which had appeared at some point) so it wouldn’t wreck the grass. I wanted to take a photo then – and this is where it gets a little silly for a moment - people were going down a slight hill and taking pictures of themselves standing in the trees – with these gnome people. I was trying to get someone to use my camera as I was alone, to take a photo of myself and the people in these trees. Then I gave up as the lady I had asked couldn’t work the camera. What I really wanted to do was to take photos myself of everything. So I think I tried to do that – although I had already flowed past, I went back intentionally back where I had come to take photos. At some point I saw Jasmine around – I often dream of her in relation to environmental things – she was my first friend who was aware of the environment at a young age.

I think sometimes dreams can go back and forth and can lose and gain focus – but what was very real in this dream was the international room of chairs, the world’s attention on this melting polar ice cap situation. Like the world was taking notice, meeting – convening there and talking about it. Like this was an opportunity we shouldn’t miss out on for the world to join.

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