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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rainbow Table and Chairs

Rainbow kid's chairs and table-top. The rainbow on top was painted by children! They stamped various stamps along my pencil guides.  

I decided to buy a big can of water-based varnish - as the clear glaze I had been buying was really expensive.  It did work!  I was able to just painted with any cheap water-based paint, then seal it after since the varnish was water-based as well (i.e. not oil based).  However, the paint did get "moved" by the topcoat, which was a pain.  For the clouds on the chair - I did the chairs first - I just went with it and "repainted" the clouds to get the protective clear coat on.  But I was wiser for the table, which I had the kids do - Troy and her friend. I mixed a bit of the water-based varnish in with their poster paints.  That kept the paint immobile enough for me to varnish the heck out of it after.  Although as always, learning by doing can be frustrating (the chairs), learning new methods is great - the kids table and chairs are now almost bombproof - and I have a flexible art painting method - as long as I have some water-based varnish. 

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