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Monday, September 5, 2011

Buller Coal's attempt to mine on conserved land on West Coast of South Island, NZ

Mt. Rochfort, Denniston Plateau
(Photo credit: Craig Potton)

I just wrote to Kate Wilkinson (Minister of Conservation in NZ) about the Buller Coal mine proposed on the West Coast of the South Island on the Denniston Plateau, opposing it obviously on grounds of climate pollution, and habitat destruction (and beauty destruction). Her email is kate.wilkinson@national.org.nz if anyone else is interested in voicing their opinion. Forest and Bird also have a great page with info on it, and the beautiful area there. Also, here are a few news articles about it.

ONE News article, "Environmentalists to fight Buller mine decision" at

Radio NZ article: "West Coast leaders back proposed Buller mine" at

TVNZ article: "Debate rages over Buller mine plan" at

Residents and environmental groups are of course opposed, it will temporarily create a few jobs but help to DESTROY THE EARTH'S ATMOSPHERE....hmmm. Coal mines? New coal mines? Not clever. And NZers pride themselves on being innovative.

From Forest and Bird's website:

Coal: The planet's dirtiest fuel
“Coal is the single greatest threat to civilisation and all life on our planet,” NASA Climate Change scientist, James Hansen, who gave evidence via video at the resource consent hearing. At a time when it is crucial we rein in our carbon emissions, our government is actively looking to mine one of the planet’s dirtiest fuels: coal. If this mine goes ahead, it will increase our exports by 63% a year. - Forest and Bird NZ

Here is my letter:

"Dear Kate Wilkinson,

"I am writing to you as you are the Minister of Conservation in NZ. I am a resident living in the Rodney District area, in Stillwater, near Auckland NZ. I am concerned about Buller Coal's plans to coal mine on the Denniston Plateau in the South Island of NZ. I am greatly opposed to the decision to allow any new coal mines at all, due to the environmental impacts that it would have. But if a coal mine is to be constructed, mining conservation land should not even be considered. These areas are important for what they are, unique places with unique species that haven't already been destroyed.

"I also I think it's stating the obvious that coal is a poor choice at all as an energy given what we now know about the pollution in the atmosphere and the great consequences that further pollution would have. New Zealand could far more easily become a leader in alternative energies than some other larger Western countries such as Canada and the US, as it's smaller, innovative, and with its self-sufficient island culture.

"I settled in NZ seven years ago, after graduating from the University of Calgary, in Alberta, Canada with a Bachelor's degree in Communication Studies. Living in Canada I saw alot of resource exploitation, and also large, powerful corporations that were usually more powerful than the government. Due to my experience living there (and from my studies) I would urge New Zealanders to use their great ability to make their own choices wisely - that is become a leader in the world, in areas such as alternative energy use, and not creating new coal mines and adding to the world's problem with climate change. NZ has more ease and ability to make changes than many larger countries. I also have a family here now, and 2 Kiwi children whose interests I would like to protect. Please help protect our conservation areas.

"Nonavee Dale"
[Address etc]

For more information about this, go to Forest & Bird's website: http://www.forestandbird.org.nz/what-we-do/campaigns/save-the-denniston-plateauours-not-mine

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