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Friday, August 12, 2011

August Garden

Following a tip from Xanthe White's organic gardening book, I cut off the main head of broccoli from the plant, and waited to see if side heads would grow. I didn't totally believe it, but look!

After a great deal I got from a farmer on TradeMe (he has several horses and has been composting horse manure with sawdust, and posted a trailer load on TradeMe for $20), this former soggy clay filled area is starting to look like a garden. (I also sprinkled alot of gypsum all over as well, on advice, as apparently it breaks up clay.) Going to plant potatoes.

Looking pretty good now, but that's because it's drier. The slugs were getting the best of these plants as I wasn't as vigilant as I could have been at night raids, to remove them. The garden was formerly far too wet - in that climate the plants did not do well.

Cool, magical surprise this morning. A HUGE MUSHROOM appeared like magic in the midst of the garden.

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