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Monday, March 7, 2011

Reusing Plastic Curry Takeaway Containers

Sagar Indian restaurant in Birkenhead makes a mean curry. So much so that we go there once in awhile, despite it costing money, and for me, the guilt of creating more plastic waste. The plastic containers we get our food in (picture me walking out with a plastic bag of plastic containers) are reusable, and I use them all the time for lunches. (I actually get a great feeling, but the way, about very durable plastic reusable containers, for the environment - so much better than disposable.) Eventually these curry containers crack though, and they must be recycled, for perhaps only one more use as jacket stuffing? Far better to avoid.

So, it was not perfect, but one step better when I was brave enough to take a handle of our million plastic takeaway containers back to the restaurant to ask them to refill instead of using new.

The biggest problem was communicating to the lady who took our order. I hesitantly whipped out the stack and asked her if we could reuse them "for the environment". She didn't understand and explained they always used new, quality containers. I started to explain how plastic is often only reused once, and it was better to reuse, but she still looked confused. Finally my intelligent step-daughter, sick of the conversation going round in circles, stated "she doesn't want there to be any more plastic on the Earth" and the lady suddenly understood.

What's more, she was willing to give it a go - and I didn't end up with another giant stack of containers (and guilt over what "on earth" to do with them).

I am so far now from the usual way of thinking that I have a hard time understanding what people don't understand! Thanks clever Savannah.

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