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Monday, February 7, 2011

Lead Pencil Studio billboard

"At an imposing 50ft by 30 ft it has the dimensions of a huge advertising billboard, yet Non Sign II promotes nothing but the beauty of North American skies. Sited in Blaine, Washington, on the US-Canada border, the sculpture is the work of Seattle-based Lead Pencil Studio and is made entirely of blackened steel rods. The work was commissioned by the General Services Administration as part of their Excellence in Design and the Arts programme." -featured in the December 2010 issue of UK design mag Creative Review, page 22-23.

I just read Creative Review for the first time in a very long time of seeing such magazines. It is full of design. Quite an overload of human will, but this one artpiece definitely grabs me. It was shown to me by a new friend, but I also love it. It is as though drawn in the sky. We are accustomed to having our attention focused on billboards. This one's content is the sky. Pretty cool.

As far as the rest of the muchly constructed design in the mag - impressive yes, but more importantly, what is it for? My intuitive brain refuses to be silent that this question is more important than the pure achievement in isolation that we've so come to admire.

Agghh a magic little cicada jumped on my back. Better go escort 'im outside.
For more on this billboard, just look up "lead pencil studio billboard", of course. They also have an obscurely designed website.

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