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Monday, January 3, 2011

Conservation Biologist clip on Discovery Channel

I can't find it, but on our holiday we had SKY for a few days, including the Discovery Channel with its assortment of Discovery shows. There was the most amazing video segment I have ever seen. There was a man, who was talking about how in the city you couldn't see the horizon. He had an eagle. There were clips of the city he lived in, and plants growing in between all the buildings sped up, showing nature trying to reclaim the city. I wish I had the video! "What is a city but an attempt to exclude nature?" was one quote. He spoke about nature always trying to restore the balance, v.s. the way that people lived, and that one day it would succeed. It ended by saying his job was a "conservation biologist".

He said it so much more strongly, but I've always felt this as well! Yay for the spiritual awakening the world is experiencing.


gino said...

Hello nonnie! I was really amazed by that clip and i really wanna show it to my friends but i can't find it too. do you remember the name of the biologist? tnx. =]

Nonavee Dale said...

No I don't! But I will try even harder to find it. Perhaps phoning Discovery channel. Best thing I've seen yet.

chanel911 said...

Hello guys!

A while ago, I had seen the same clip and was as awestruck as you.

I've also been trying to look for this amazing guy in the Discovery Forums..


Wonder if there's a way to track him down.

Nonavee Dale said...

I went as far as to call Discovery in the States. They gave me a few F- off transfers, but I finally found out a person to speak to. The main number of Discovery is 240-662-2000, and the name is Nicole Reed. Someone knows - it's just a matter of getting through to the right people. I will try to get her tomorrow morning!

Nonavee Dale said...

I just checked out that forum, just going to post your comment, to store it here - so I can save all our information.

"Posted 26 April 2009 19:02
Between programs on discovery, there are short clips about people all around the world, making a difference to it in their own little way..

There is one in particular that caught my attention - a South African Conservation Biologist - who, judging by the environment he was in, is most likely from the Western Cape.

The few words he speaks really touches your inner consciousness & makes you dwell on the world & what we're putting it through.

I can't seem to catch his name at the end though; it sounds something like "Ian Chagrelittle" or something of that sort. I've tried to search for it, but no luck. Does anybody know his name?

Chanel Rampartab"

Tangerine said...

Hi Nonnie! I was thinking of the same thing too this afternoon, I saw the clip and I absolutely love it. If I come across it again and hear the name well, I'll look it up and let you guys know.

I'm glad to know I'm not alone in this quest. LOL.

Rowena said...

Hello! I saw the same clip about a month ago, and I've been looking for it relentlessly, but so fair the internet has proved difficult. I just love that clip, it says so little but means so much. It's so beautiful and I want to be able to share it with my friends.

Nonavee Dale said...

His name is Ian Tchagra Little. I have found several references to him on the web.


I think this is he as well:

He studies grassland biodiversity. I think that the message of the video clip that touched us is about how we now live, and it encapsulated something many are feeling. I hope this little posting can keep on being a little snowball, collecting people of like minds. By the way, here is the clip, posted by someone in Spain? Subtitled but the accented voiceover is in English. Still hope Sapphire also posts the original unsubtitled version that we saw.

Nonavee Dale said...


Nonavee Dale said...

The clip in the previous comment link has Portugese subtitles. Which is why I was able to find it by his exact name on Youtube - it was written on the subtitles so they knew what to call it.

Anonymous said...

Hi all :)

I have uploaded the ad - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byDQuI1rJus

Sorry for the poor quality, my camera must have not been on its automatic settings hence the poor colours.

Nonavee Dale said...


Nonavee Dale said...

No Sapphire, it's lovely.

Nonavee Dale said...

I was sent this clip recently by Tangerine Lullaby; a version posted by the person who made it, Bryan Little, Fly on the Wall productions! He is in Cape Town, South Africa.

Here is the link on Youtube: http://youtu.be/IW3m5BnTmqQ

Ian Little said...

Hello All

I am Ian Tchagra Little. My brother made me aware of this blog.

Thank you very much for your kind words and your support of my sentiment. My brother and I made that clip in the hopes that it would have the impact that it clearly has with you and that makes us very happy indeed. We have recently made another longer version based in Uganda. I am not certain where it will be first released but keep an eye out for the story of the Blue Swallow.

Keep well and it'll be great to keep in touch.

Kind regards

Edd said...

Hello Ian,

Almost time to enjoy the fair CPT.