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Monday, May 17, 2010

How to create a great children's learning DVD from clips on Youtube

I work from home on my computer, and wanted to play for my son all the great classics from Sesame Street and other old favourite learning shows on the television while I worked. (I would play them directly from Youtube in a playlist, but this requires the use of the computer.)

Did you know you can record videos from Youtube, easily, and using a free program? My brother is a computer programmer; he told me about a program called "Any Video Converter".

Google "any video converter" to find the latest program, and download the free version.

Then you find the option in the file menu to download directly from the internet.  You can enter a URL of the Youtube video. It will start converting and dumps them into a folder in your My Documents.

Then, you just dump all the videos onto a DVD using a DVD burner. And there you have it! It's actually very quick and easy, and very fun. And it's fantastic to hear my son singing ABC's while I work!

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