Where there is a will there is a way

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wellesley Street, Auckland, Then and Now

I am posting two images that I contrasted in my temp graphic design job, for a cover of a student magazine. The best is to save them though, in a folder, and go back and forth switching between them. This gives you chills.

The first image is from around a century ago (obviously), it's an old postcard I scanned from a lady's collection, I used to help her as a caregiver as she had M.S. This came from her mother's collection of old postcards (Lily Stokes). I didn't record the date. The second one is a photo I took in the exact same spot last week (2010).

But I forgot to write what I have been meaning to say for a long time. It is something getting stronger and stronger in me, the more experience I have:

We are not listening to nature (as a group). Many of us are not listening to our own natures, what we really need, and also what the world really needs. Until we start listening again, becoming sensitive, honest people, we will be destructive in the world.

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