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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Waking from a long sleep

People are waking up from a long sleep. After a few centuries of lying to ourselves, we are allowing ourselves to use the other half of our brain again; in public. The "left" side.

The return of craftiness. People are starting to get interested in crafts again. Although unecessary due to factory products, we are realizing that such work made us happy. To tune in to materials and become a craftsperson is an amazing gift.

Gardening. Garden centres are seeing record numbers of young people interested in food gardening. And learning the old arts of how to preserve the produce of their gardens into jam, into bottles, or cook with it.

The environment-- people have finally listened, and are thinking about their lifestyles, about what climate change means, and they are starting to change.

Television programming. I see an interest in "psychics", and spirit mediums, but for the first time this question is taken seriously. I have seen various programs gingerly begin a process of incorporating this level back into our society. How will this work? Maybe we do need to understand that which we cannot measure physically.

The world has begun communicating, so all of its countries, parts, are talking and becoming closer to being one. Humpty Dumpty is getting put back together. Catalyzed by the internet, organizationally there is alot of bridging and cross-cultural exchanges. I can see people who have written books from other countries being interviewed on popular talk shows, bridging financial schemes such as micro-investment, allowing money to travel from richer to poorer countries, or such as Childfund or Unicef, Intrepid volunteering transfers people over to help... We are grappling with the problem of creating a world culture, and we don't want some of the world's people to live in suffering or chaos.

That horrible and degrading show, the Flavour of Love "reality" show could exist, but a show called "Charm School" came up to battle the spiritual retardation.

Some people still strive to become ever-more-specialized and harder-bigger-better-longer-taller than ever before, but those who are starting to use that underused left side of the brain, the intuitive side which "puts it all together" are finding that our world's modern culture is like an "idiot-savante". We are very clever at certain tasks, but break down at doing basic functions. (We don't clear our wastes away, we gather pollution, etc. Hey that's more like a broken kidney. But the brain is still forming, and needs to include the function of a clean whole, because there is no dialysis available for the Earth...)

The awakening intuitive side of humanity asks, actually shouts, before now unheard: What is the point of building a tower higher and higher if doing so drains our source of strength of its nutrients, like a fetus that drains all the energy of the mother?

Why should I train in a super-specialized area, such as athletics, if most people grow increasingly unfit?

Why should I become the sole creative genius out of millions, if most people are too intimidated to ever write a poem or paint anything at all?

Or why should I become a super-specialized researcher that finds the secret of making people live even longer, when the world is already overpopulated?

I think we are wanting to have gardens.

To experience some wind and mud and pain.

I am.

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ruby in the dust said...

You go girl! You write beautifully and I'm so glad you've pulled up this soap box :)